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Radius Of Us

Anthology | Mental Health

Radius Of Us’ is an anthology with the theme of Mental Health. The aim was to cover as many aspects related to mental health as I could, along with 36 co-authors under me. We did this to raise awareness on issues that are not talked about enough. There is lot of stigma that surrounds mental health, and it’s high time it is eradicated.

This book is a part of a youth organization, known as Adolescent’s Psyche, founded by me- Saanvi Dhingra, the compiler, editor and head author of this book, which aims to help teenagers all over the world, overcome issues that no one talks about.

So this book is for the teens, by the teens, because no one can understand what you’re going through better than someone who’s facing the same thing.

I hope this book provided you with a helping hand and made you realize that you’re not alone, and there’s always someone who’ll be there for you, be there for you when you’re ready to seek help.

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What The Readers Have To Say

Word on the Street

The collection of poems and pieces is straight from the heart. A unique book for teenagers by teenagers. The writing bring out issues that teenagers don't speak about. Hoping this book will inspire the youth to seek help, speak about , create awareness and lend a helping hand to others in need. A must read, not just for teenagers, but also for parents, caregivers and guardians.

Rajesh Malhotra, Amazon Reviewer

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MI-ME 2022

Radius Of Us was given as the award to all 13 winners of the MI-ME championship hosted by Suncity School, Gurgaon.

19 schools had participated in this championship.

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