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Project Shukra

Educating the underprivileged

Project Shukra: Experience


  • Founded to educate the underprivileged.

  • Connected 50+ teenagers with government schools to teach underprivileged students weekly.

  • Organized a STEM based learning program for girls to empower them.

  • Tied up with 10+ Schools to educate their students. 

  • Conducted Book Donation Drives to provide the underprivileged with learning material


Our mission is to level the playing field between children that come from more fortunate backgrounds and those who do not possess the same privilege.


In an effort to grow and deepen the understanding of our students, we use a unique model. For our faculty, we pair one native English speaker with another tutor proficient in the language of the students. This way students are able to enjoy the best of both worlds as they are pushed to communicate seamlessly with a qualified tutor who speaks English in their day-to-day, allowing them some great outside exposure. At the same time, the other tutor is always to ensure that the students are following, maintaining a comfortable and familiar environment for the children.


As part of our teaching curriculum, we strive to incorporate all content into engaging application-based activities designed to strengthen and enhance the students’ knowledge; Our team works diligently to create comprehensive lesson plans inclusive of content inspired by reputed sources: Indian Boards (CBSE), ICSE, American Schooling Systems, Khan Academy, etc.

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