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Academic Honors and Achievements

Jun 2023

Diana Award,  The Diana Award Charity, United Kingdom

The Diana Award is the most prestigious accolade a young person aged 9-25 years can receive for their social action or humanitarian work. Awarded for my non profit ‘Cinderella’s Got Wings’

Oct 2022

Bronze Awardee, Royal Commonwealth Essay Competition

Awarded among over 26,000 entries for my essay on the inspirational leadership of Sophia Duleep Singh and her contribution in social service

Aug 2023

Vedana Award Winner

Received the Award in the 'Environmental Impact Reduction Category' for my contributions to society through my non profit organization - 'Cinderella's Lil Shop - Cinderella's Got Wings'. 
Youngest Award Recipient

Honors and Achievements: Experience

Aug 2022

Outstanding Delegate (National Level), Cathedral MUN

Awarded for exemplary performance in debate and public policy making in the EESOC Committee

Jun 2022

Merit Scholarship, GPPL Fellowship NYU

Awarded 25% merit scholarship to participate in the Governance and Public Policy Fellowship at NYU GovLab. 
Scholarship awarded as recognition of exceptional work done in areas of public policy

Jun 2022

Community Champion, Gamechangers Award 2022, DAIS

The Gamechangers Award is given in recognition of exception in contributing to the community
Awarded for my social work projects - Cinderella’s Lil Shop, Cinderella’s Got Wings, Project Shukra and Bag Banks.

Honors and Achievements: Experience

Jun 2022

Winner, I Care at Suncity School

Awarded for active participation in school community service activities and leading my own social initiatives

Apr 2023

Best Chair Award, India International Model United Nations

Awarded for contributions to the MUN while chairing the UNCA committee.

Jan 2023

Merit Scholarship, Immerse Education Essay Competition,  Oxford University

Awarded a scholarship worth USD 1500 for my essay on ‘Female Future Leaders’ 
Invited to attend Immerse Education’s Summer Program.

Honors and Achievements: Experience

2020 & 2022

Best Delegate Award, Model United Nations

  • Awarded at Suncity MUN                 

  • Awarded at Scottish High MUN                  

2021 – 2022

High Commendation, Model United Nations

  • Awarded at DAIS MUN                        

  • Awarded at Suncity MUN 

Apr 2023

Scholar Award, World Scholar’s Cup

  • Received 9 awards across segments

  • Post prestigious awards included ‘Debate Champion’, ‘Writing Champion’, ‘Literature Champion’, and ‘Overall Team Champion’ 

  • Qualified for the Global Round.

Honors and Achievements: Experience

Jul 2022

Towards Excellence Award Winner

Received this award for achieving a topping aggregate in Grade X CBSE Board exams.

Honors and Achievements: Experience
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