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Rainbow In Our Veins - Open Mic Fundraiser

As the Pride Month came to an end in June 2021, Adolpsyche kept its first ever open mic fundraiser, on 4th July 2021, to keep up with the pride spirit. This open mic was organized to raise awareness on the lgbtq+ community, as well as funds, that went into supporting queer artists. 

We had 14 performers, singers, dancers, guitarists, poets, writers, and so many more! We had an audience of over 100 people, and we're so grateful for the support :)

The pandemic had also led to the deterioration of everyone's mental health and a lot of uncertainty, chaos and negativity all around us. To remind us that we’re all still in this together, and to spread some positivity, Adolescent’s Psyche brought to you: Rainbow In Our Veins- An Open Mic

Open Mic Fundraiser - LGBTQ+: Bio
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