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Project Sui Dhaaga

Clothes Donation Drive

Before launching the business, a lot was needed to get done. One of the aims of this project, was to promote slow and sustainable fashion, by promoting eco-friendly habits related to fashion. I decided, instead of buying new fabric, it was a better idea to upcycle fabric that people no longer needed. I got in touch with boutiques, small businesses, local shops, and asked them if they were willing to spare the extra cut outs of fabric that they don't need, and are left out of the production process, many people agreed, and we had our first batch of fabric to work with. I also asked the residents of my society, if they had any spare clothes they were willing to donate, and to our surprise we got 10 huge suitcases worth of cloth material! 

This drive was a huge success.

Project Sui Dhaaga: Bio
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