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Work Experience

Jul 2022 - Oct 2022

Interning Team Leader, United Nations GCI

  • Lead a team of 6 in writing a 6000 word policy report focused on women’s empowerment in India with emphasis on SDG 4 and 5

  • Presented the policy report that was later approved by UN executives

Jan 2023 - Feb 2023

Policy Analyst, Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

  • Selected as 1 of 300 students across India to work with UNHCR and the UN Committee on Rights of Children

  • Carried out a critical analysis of the evolving UN draft General Comment-26 on the environmental rights of children. 

  • Part of the 15 person group presenting our recommendations to the Chairperson of the UN committee on the Rights of Children

Jun 2022 - Sep 2022

Merit Scholar & Participant, Governance, Public Policy and Leadership Fellowship

  • Mentored by Ms. Ankitha Cheerakathil, Mr. Anirudh Dinesh, and Mr Matthew D Glasser on International Relations, Financing Local Infrastructure and Services, Political Science, Public Policy and Governance

  • Brainstormed and created an outline for research on Reverse Migration

  • Awarded an internship with the UNGCI for showcasing exemplary leadership, teamwork, and communication

Work Experience: Experience

Jun 2023 - Jul 2023

Project Intern, District Rural Development Agency

  • Mentored by HCS Officer Mr. Pradeep Ahlawat and IAS Officer Mrs. Charu Lata Somal on local government public administration. 

  • Assisted in analyzing data and evaluating the impact of proposed policy changes on the community

  • Conducted segments on financial empowerment for women on community Radio Station - Radio Mewat. 

  • Engaged in stakeholder outreach, attending meetings with community groups and local representatives.

Jun 2021 - Jul 2021

Fellow, Youlead Summer Programme

  • Selected as 1 of 200 students across India to be a part of the program. 

  • Mentored by Mr. Priyanshu Grover and Mr. Adarsh Kumar Singh across the spheres of public speaking, professional communication, and research.  

  • Helped in organizing an open mic event with over 300 participants. 

  • Led advertising campaigns on Instagram to advocate for causes such as body positivity, mental health awareness, etc. 

Work Experience: Experience
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