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Hi! I'm Saanvi :)

Currently a senior at Suncity School, Gurugram

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Little About Me

Hi, hello! My name is Saanvi Dhingra and I'm a student at Suncity School, Gurgaon. The question- "who are you?" has always been one that's difficult for me to answer but Madeline Miller sums it up pretty well, "I am made of memories." For someone who loves English so much and has digested countless forms of literature by campfires and beaches, it is not a very long quote nor a dense one, but the simplicity of it, has truly captured my soul. I’m a person who truly believes that every situation you go through in life and every experience that you face helps to build your character. Every novel I’ve read and every person I’ve interacted with has wound it’s way in my knitted heart. I am a compilation of everything I’ve known and everything I’ve done. For me definition prohibits growth and change. I cannot use 5 words to describe myself because the fact of the matter is, they could very well change tomorrow. This website shows a glimpse of all the memories I've made up till now, hope you enjoy seeing me grow!

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Who I am :)

One thing that doesn't change though, is that I'm a collector, of stories, song lyrics, of words, of people, stickers, dreams, hobbies, and cliche life experiences.

Cinderella's Lil Shop | Non Profit Business

CLS is my non profit small business, that aims to empower and make underprivileged teenage girls self sufficient. These girls make and sell/donate handmade clothing, by upcycling cloth material that I collect for them through donation drives. All the profit from this business, is handed directly to them.

Adolpsyche | Youth Organization

Adolpsyche is a student led organization that was established by me in 2020, to raise awareness about teenagers' mental health issues. Later, it expanded and became a youth organization that has impacted 4000+ high school students,  we conduct workshops and fundraisers to lend a hand with issues that aren't talked about enough, like lgbtq+ awareness, covid relief funds, women empowerment etc.


I authored as well as co-authored quite a few books, on a variety of topics. I compiled an anthology on the theme mental health, with 36 co-authors under me, and we sold our copies to multiple schools, parents, and guardians.


I've been a part of many enriching experiences, like fundraising for covid relief, lgbt community, hosting open mics, being part of MUNs and debates, volunteering at an elderly pen pal program, menstrual hygiene awareness project, writing for blogs and newspapers, getting a college level music diploma, representing my school at national level dance, as well as spell bees, and a lot more!

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Some More Experiences

One time I bought a guitar, and told myself I'd become the impromptu singer with a guitar that everyone seems to love in movies, one summer I taught myself how to write in shorthand, and tried to master my non dominant hand, that is my left hand writing. in this way, inconsistency is my consistency. I want all that the world has to offer, I've such an intangible thirst for knowledge and I will foster this knowledge anyway I can.


I've been learning music since the age of 5, and specialize in Indian Classical Music. I have a college diploma, by the Prayag Sangeet Samiti. I also learnt how to play the keyboard for a few years.


I've been dancing ever since I was born, without much of professional training. I did however learn kathak, and have performed in front of huge crowds. I'm also a national level semi classical dancer, and represented my school at a dance festival in Gwalior. I also like to dabble in free styles, and zumba. I also like to teach kids bollywood dance, and taught 25 kids for a diwali celebration event that took place in my society.

Spell Bees

I've always had a love for the language that is, English, and have participated in multiple spelling bees till date. I got the opportunity to compete at the national level of the Global Spelling Bee Championship, and came 4th in India.

Model UN

I've been participating in Model UN conferences since the 9th grade, like the Intellectus, Cathedral, GD, Blue Bells, SMUN, and various others. I've been awarded numerous awards like the High Commendation, and the Best Delegate.

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My Favourite Thing To Do: Planning

A lot of my friends call me Monica Geller, from the famous sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S because of my immense love for planning, and that's completely okay with me, because I do resonate with every person who loves to put in a lot of work and gives attention to detail, whenever they're doing anything, from making a portfolio site, to organizing an open mic. Here are a few things I organized:

Open Mic LGBT_edited.jpg

Open Mic Night

I organized this night to raise funds for the lgbtq+ community, all the funds were gone towards helping the queer small business community.

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Fundraising Team

I formed a fundraising team of more than 30 high school students, we have raised over 20 Lakhs, for covid relief, getting sewing machines for underprivileged girls, lgbtq community, ration kits for slum dwellers.

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Social Work Drives

I love social work with all my heart, I've conducted various donation drives for various purposes- collecting old clothes so that they can be upcycled and sold by teenage girls who are financially challenged, establishing a community fridge for the poor in my township, and a lot more.

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"I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul."

Invictus, William Ernest Henley

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Let's Get In Touch

I really appreciate you taking a look at my portfolio. If you want to get in touch, you can do so by contacting me through my mail, filling this form or other social media platforms :)

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